Radar and Drone Technology


Security Radar specialises in the disruptive technology and other specialist surveillance technology for the Security and Defence Industry in Africa.







Radar Security Systems

Search Radar supplies various radar security systems that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of potential threats such as aircraft, drones ,ships, motor vehicles, people and animals and differentiate between them .

Drone Technology Systems

From military proven drones designed for security and industrial applications to the world leading  the Anti Drone technology systems that does simultaneously  Unmanned Aerial System Identification, Tracking, and Denial of Airspace.

Radar Security

S band, X band and Thermal Imaging Radar camera solutions

Specialist Surveillance

Short wave infrared (SWIR) and Thermal imaging cameras


Drones built to deliver outstanding performance under the most challenging conditions

Anti-Drone Technology

Drone Detection, Identification, Tracking, and take down of UAV threats in any environment