Drone Technology

Security Radar by Black Light Technology Consulting provides world leading drone technologies from military tested Vertical Take Off and Landing  (VTOL) Drones to Counter UAV and Anti Drone systems.

VTOL Drones and Anti Drone Technology


A small, ultra-compact endurance VTOL for everyday commercial use. The Alti Ascend offers up to five times the endurance of competing systems at a truly competitive price. The Ascend features a 2-meter wingspan and follows the same tried and tested design of it’s larger brothers, the Transition and Reach. Ideal for large scale mapping, surveillance and general photo/video applications, the Ascend expands our fleet of best-in-class endurance vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing unmanned aircraft.

Wingspan: 2 m
Endurance: 6 hrs
Coverage: 450km
Payload Capacity: 600g

The key objective in the development of the Alti Transition was to offer a highly reliable, ultra-long endurance VTOL (vertical take-off and land) fixed-wing aircraft for every day, all day operation in a wide variety of applications and environments around the world. The Transition allows for take-off and landing just about anywhere.

 Wingspan: 3 m
Endurance: 12 hrs
Coverage: 900km
Payload Capacity: 1.5 kg

The Alti Reach is a much larger, heavy lift big brother to the Transition, capable of twice the flight endurance with nearly five times the payload capacity. Simply put, the Reach is the largest and most capable endurance VTOL unmanned aircraft in the world. With a 6 meter wingspan, four incredibly powerful and reliable VTOL motors, an efficient 70cc twin cylinder fuel-injected combustion engine with a 500w on-board generator, advanced ALTI avionics and power distribution, the Reach offers unmatched performance at an unbeatable price. The Reach was designed to cover a wide range of applications and carry an even wider range of payloads, in various climates and weather conditions, allowing our clients to fly for longer, fly further and ultimately capture higher quality data.

Wingspan: 6 m
Endurance: 20 hrs
Coverage: 1800km
Payload Capacity: 7 kg

Anti Drone Technology

What is Anti Drone?

Counter UAV/Anti Drone technology is technology developed for the Detection Classification tracking identification and take down on UAV threats in any environment.

Counter UAV Platforms

World Leading UAV Identification, Tracking and Denial systems

Most governments and Private industry have little awareness of when small unmanned aerial systems enter their airspace. SR implement complete counter-UAS systems and training to help customers regain safety and security.

Security Radar have a number of fully integrated and stand-alone Anti Drone Solutions


Active radars  or Sound Aware devices are used to detect UAS positions and provide a constant stream of characteristic data to the AI target classifier which trigger actions, effectors and alarms in the system.


Automatic target classification and video tracking are used for identification, enabling a fully automatic operation or an optional man in the loop to visually confirm craft and payload.


RF jammers are used to defeat UAS, disabling comms with GNSS satellites and operators. Illuminators and lasers are also available to deny imagery capture of sensitive sites


When a UAS operator is charged criminally, forensics data with instant replay showing flight paths, aircraft characteristics and timestamps will ensure successful prosecution.

Drone Technology