Security Radar

In the Air

Total Aerial Awareness (TAA)

We provide expert UAV RPL(Remote Pilot Licensed) BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Site) Certified Pilots with drones services for your organization’s mission critical assets using drone technology. Through state-of-the-art data collection and analysis, and comprehensive program software, we are able to deliver transformative intelligence that optimizes energy production, protects people, and improves infrastructure, all while simplifying maintenance and management processes.

Our vertically integrated drone solutions are focused on adding direct value to the energy and construction.

Aerial drone photography and videography

Looking to empower your business, organization, or project with stunning aerial drone photography and videography? If so, TAA Aerial photography or aerial videography services can help you to leverage a drone’s eye view, and more importantly, keep your project owners happy. Hire TAA to capture beautiful and modern drone (UAS) aerial imagery and generate the traction your project deserves.

Encroachment Patrol Solution

Fully-managed encroachment patrol solutions for midstream oil and gas operators estates and government through the use of drones. Through utilization of our Encroachment Patrol Solution, TAA handles everything from data capture, incident analysis, and report delivery directly to inspectors. Long range flights, precise data with metadata for midstream inspectors on the ground. Join the movement.

Aerial Mapping Services

Aerial mapping services allow stakeholders to receive high-definition low-altitude aerial maps delivered in a timely fashion in the form of updated Google Earth layers and ortho-mosaic maps. Our customers enjoy real-time, high-definition, actionable data, eliminating the need to spend their budget on expensive satellite imagery or wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results.

Emergency Planning and Mitigation

When the clock is ticking and victims await rescue, TAA crews can improve emergency and disaster response times with TAA (UAV’s) Our service offering has  numerous advantages. Quick deployment, resilience in harsh conditions, and long flight times. With deployment in less then 24 hours  TAA Emergency Planning and Mitigation uses: Searches for missing persons; Landslides;Tsunamis; Wild fires; Flooding; Storms; Avalanches; Tornados; Terrorist attacks; Nuclear accidents; Structural fires; Ship collisions; Plane and train crashes.

3D Modeling and LiDAR Services

TAA offers 3D modelling services through the use of drone photogrammetry and terrestrial LiDAR from Cepton . We help implementing 3D scanning techniques into the project management process. Through both photorealistic models produced from photogrammetry, and highly accurate laser scanning models, the virtual design process now has the benefit of real-world data – accurate to the centimetre of actual conditions.

On the ground

With the ever evolving technology sphere  and the  eventuality of bringing in integrated technologies SR On the Ground, comprises a team of highly skilled engineers,and  technicians with a depth of experience and expertise at maintaining technical services in a built environment specifically focusing on physical electronic Security ,networks and power . Our high level of technical skills is recognised as one of our most outstanding attributes that underpins our service delivery. We are able to deploy our technical services capability singularly ,as a stand-alone service or as part of a large technology procurement . Alternatively, to ensure economies of scale are achieved, bundling of services to our client’s requirements is possible. This ensures cost effective pricing and a single point of vendor management control, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. We have the ability to expand or reduce the service bundle dependent on client requirements and their changing circumstances. These services are managed by a comprehensive SLA, which enhances customer satisfaction, quality, and compliance with legislated health, safety and environmental standards – with a focus on ensuring longevity of assets